How to Care for Your New Wool Blanket

How to Care for Your New Wool Blanket

Wool rugs have always been a top choice for most customers, because it’s comfortable and it has a soft feel. It’s nice to walk on it, since the fabric is very smooth. Most people prefer to use this in the living room and bedroom, because it has a soothing effect on the feet.

However, cleaning it can be difficult, because it has the tendency to repel liquids. Stains and dirt on these rugs can be stressful to owners who have small kids that they can’t control. If you want to find out how to get rid of stains and dirt on rugs, here are some tips that can help you out:

  • When you stain your wool rugs, get a clean cloth and directly apply it to the area. Do it again by replacing the cloth and following the same process. Try to blot the stain or dirt out, until you have removed most of it. This will allow the cloth to absorb all of the liquid from the stain.

  • The next thing that you should do is to pour baking soda over it. Try to leave it for a few hours and replace the powder from time to time. This will help in absorbing the stain and the oil that are sticking in the fibres. Since it’s going to be hard to clean off the baking soda, try to use a vacuum when removing it. This will help you finish the task in no time.

  • To remove the rest of the stain, use a dry cleaning solvent and put it on a cloth. Try to dab it on the affected area carefully. One you’re through with that, use a cleaning spray to finally clean it off. Don’t spray it directly on the rug; use a clean cloth, so that the liquid won’t come in contact with your wool rug. Finish it off by running a vacuum over it, so that you can remove all of the cleaning products that you used.

  • As much as possible, clean your rugs with dry products, so that it won’t absorb any liquid.

  • To avoid the accumulation of dirt or stain in your rugs, try to put a doormat near your main entrance, so that the people who are entering can already clean their feet. This will lessen the chances of getting your rug dirty or stained.

  • If you browse about rugs online, you will find a lot of ways on how to take care of it. Many people say that the best way to keep it clean is to vacuum it at least one or twice a week. Make at least 4 to 5 passes over the dirty part, so that you can be assured that it’s clean when you use it again.

If you want to keep your rug presentable and functional for a long time, you should learn how to take care of it. These things are not ordinary fabrics, so you really have to make an effort to learn how to properly clean it.